Harte Züge: Verhoeven, Schubert, Findlay, Rauch und Co

Foto: Jonny Baker Hazel Findlay on top of El Cap after freeing the Salathe
Harte Züge und krasse Leistungen aus den letzten paar Wochen gibt's hier. Dabei: Chris Rauch, Jakob Schubert, Anak Verhoeven, Hazel Findlay, Babsi Zangerl – lasst euch beeindrucken.

Hier gibt es die gesammelte Portion harte Züge und krasse Begehungen der letzten Wochen auf einen Blick.

Stefano Ghisolfi hatte seine Erstbegehung One Punch (9a+/b) zwar schon vor einiger Zeit klettern können, doch jetzt gibt es dazu das Video.

Außerdem dabei: Die US-Amerikaner Keenan Takahashi und Jimmy Webb geben sich die Kante in Fontainebleau, der Österreicher Chris Rauch haut einen harten Boulder nach dem nächsten Weg, sein Kollege Flo Schmalzl flasht in Varazze gar zwei 8B-Boulder.

Und dann noch Action von Daniel Woods, Alfons Dornauer, Anak Verhoeven, Hazel Findlay, Barbara Zangerl, Jacopo Larcher, Hannah Schubert, und weiteren...

Alfons Dornauer wiederholt 'Entlinge' (Fb 8B+)

Theo Chappex rockt in Lindenthal

Daniel Woods bouldert 'The Wheel of Fortune' (V14) in Colorado

Erstbegehung (Fb 8B+) von Rustam Gelmanov in Mexiko

Chris Rauch geht ab

Keenan Takahashi & Jimmy Webb in Fontainebleau

Tomas Ravanal klettert 'La Rambla' (9a+) in Siurana

Hannah Schubert klettert 'La Fabelita' (8c) in Santa Linya

Stefano Ghisolfi klettert 'One Punch' (9a+/b)

Anak Verhoeven klettert 'Ciudad de Dios' (9a/+) in Santa Linya

Hazel Findlay klettert 'Salathe' (5.13c, 35SL) am El Capitan frei

As hard as I try and despite being a full-time climber for the last 6 years I still fall into climbing goals like a coin falls down the drain. I came to the valley thinking I had the goal of climbing FreeRider in a day. But unfit from a finger injury and lacking motivation I felt aimless. The valley felt too big for me. Dan McManus and @madeleine_cope said they were going to camp on top and try the headwall of the Salathe. Wanting to hang out with my friends @jonny__baker and I followed. Two weeks later here I am on the top of El Cap having freed the Salathe. In my life I've had only one climbing goal that I trained for and completed. The rest came to me. I'm not sure whether to improve my goal setting, or continue in my natural but directionless way of going climbing and seeing what happens. Any ideas?

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Hazel Findlay (@hazel_findlay) am

Barbara Zangerl klettert 'Magic Mushroom' (5.14a, 28 SL) am El Capitan

Free Magic mushroom what a blast!!! I never thought that I can climb all those crazy pitches. Especially the last hard one (just before the top) took everything I had...physically and emotionally. Falling on the last long move right before the chains made it to my biggest mental challenge. Thanks to ❤️ Jacopini for all those unforgettable days on the wall. It was a quite long journey—cleaning pitches; climbing ground up to the top first; hauling all that stuff up; stashing food and water for the final push; getting sick on the wall for a few days; almost had to bail, surprising ourselves, reaching the top full of happiness; and last but not least carrying down monster haulbags-back to where it started.... .....thanks to @tommycaldwell for the inspiration, you are our hero!!! @blackdiamond #lasportiva #skwama @sterlingrope

Jacopo Larcher klettert 'Magic Mushroom' (5.14a, 28 SL)

"Free Magic Mushroom" aka "one of the best route we've ever climbed! • I looked at the topo of this climb for a couple of years, but I didn't really know what it looked like in reality. I expected a lot of hard climbing, but not so many 5 stars (chimney) pitches in a row: what a beauty! • We had to invest a lot of energies in this one. We had to clean a lot of pitches, figure out how to climb all those crazy corners, haul a lot of gear and spend a lot of days on the wall. At the beginning we were just contemplating those pitches, wondering how it could even be possible to climb them. We had to be really creative and use every single part of our body to work our way up those corners. I personally suck at this type of climbing, so it has been a real challenge and, at the same time, a huge satisfaction to climb it. • Once more, we learned how passion, perseverance, believe and team work can make your dreams come true! • Big thanks to @barbarazangerl for sharing this adventure together, for the unforgettable moments on the wall and for the support: it was a blast! It's such a better end to both realize our goal and to share it together!♥️ • Big up once more to @tommycaldwell: I still can't immagine how someone could climb all those pitches in a day. You're a hero! • @thenorthface @lasportivagram @blackdiamond @sterlingrope @frictionlabs -

Jakob Schubert klettert 'Stoking the Fire' (9b)

Jakob Schuberts Erstbegehung: 'Kein Licht kein Schatten' (9a)

After 10 days, Japanese Ryohei Kameyama has done a harvest of hard boulders in Fontainebleau. Judge by yourself:

“Fatman” 8B and “Traphouse” 8B+ at Cuvier Rempart
“Gecko assis” 8B+ at Bouligny
“The Big Island” 8C at Coquibus Rumont
“Jour de Chasse” 8C (suggested recently 8A+ by Lucien Martinez) at Recloses

This is the story about climber Alexey Rubtsov, who was returning to one and the same route in Lietlahti, during several years, trying to make the first accent of the most difficult boulder route in Russia.