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Foto: Chris Sharma Instagram

Chris Sharma klettert "Three Degrees of Separation" (9a+)

Hier zeigen wir die besten Bilder aus dem Instagram-Feed von Chris Sharma.

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"Big Congrats to Adam Ondra for getting the second ascent of my route "three degrees of separation" in Ceuse! It's no doubt one of my favorite FA's and was surprising that at such a famous and popular crag which had been tried by so many strong climbers it took 8 years to see a second ascent. Such a unique climb with three enormous dynos. What makes it really hard though is the tricky 8c/+ climbing to get up to the dynos. There is some classic footage in the film King Lines of me and @dave_graham_ working it together. @coreyrichproductions"

In Bed with Chris Sharma

Bonus: Für die Romantiker unter uns - das Bild aus dem Instagram-Account von Chris Sharmas Partnerin Jimena Alarcon mussten wir einfach mit aufnehmen: der "King" mal privat!

Jimena schrieb dazu:
"Home sweet home - nothing like your own bed..."

Chris Sharma beim DWS-Wettkampf 2014

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
It's been a whirlwind the last few months. Traveling back and forth from Spain to the U.S. , putting lots of time into building @sharmaclimbingbcn . Like most projects though the more effort, the more rewarding it is when you finally send. Now , getting psyched for this year's @psicocomp in park city at the #utaholympicpark August 7th. Can't wait to see you all here. Here's a great shot from @jeffrueppel of @jon_cardwell and I going all out at last year's event!

Chris Sharma beim Bouldern in Aruba

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"Enjoying the amazing bouldering in Aruba last year with my love Jimena Alarcon... Hay que volver!!!!"

Chris Sharma in the Grampians, Australia

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"Nice shot from @simoncarter_onsight on the classic Groove Train from last year in the Grampians, Australia that is in his new book and calendar of climbing around Australia. I can't wait to make it back there sometime soon. The last trip was way too short. Such an amazing place."

Chris Sharma in the Redwood forests

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"The Redwood forests have always been super special places for me. They are a symbol of being home, and whenever I'm back in Santa Cruz I always make it a point to spend time in these forests. They make you feel so small but at the same time protected, safe and embraced by nature. It's a place I've always gone when I want to get away from everything and just appreciate being. After spending my life seeking out perfect lines to climb, it's been a dream of mine for a long time to climb on these giant living things. They are perfect! It was amazing to finally get the chance! On top of that, to do it along side scientists Anthony Ambrose and Wendi Baxter and study the trees with them and make a film to raise awareness and pay homage to these giants made it that much more special. Thanks to everyone who made this possible."

Chris Sharma in the Venezuelan jungle

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"Just finished up a month long stint deep in the Venezuelan jungle with @alarconjimena @ngwinner @emiliyank #DaniAndrada @mikecall @matiasvarela1 @lukebracey @webofedgar and many other great people. It was an amazing experience but now I can't wait to get back to Spain and sink my teeth into some projects! Photo by Ana Puinova."

Chris Sharma - Three Degrees of Seperation Ceuse France

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"Three Degrees of Seperation Ceuse France. Such a unique and classic route that @arnaudpetit_climb and I bolted a while back. photo by @coreyrichproductions It would be cool if the route finally sees a second ascent this season! Also sending lots of motivation to @jon_cardwell I hope you send Biographie soon man!"

Chris Sharma knutschend unter Wasser

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"'Hot' days in Barcelona with my sweetheart @alarconjimena Te amo"

Chris Sharma chillin back home in Santa Cruz

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"Good times chillin back home and seeing old friends in Santa Cruz with my girl @alarconjimena. Having spent so much time away, I'm blown away by the beauty and am filled with pride to be from such an amazing spot and to have grown up with such amazing people."

Chris Sharma climbing at Cova de Ocell

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"Futuristic, old school climbing on this project at Cova de Ocell that I had the pleasure to bolt with my good friend @marc.lemenestrel #ElAguaQueSube photo by @giancolafoto It's so interesting how our vision for climbing changes and evolves parallel to ourselves. As we learn to see things in new ways, lines and opportunities that we've passed by 1000 times suddenly come to life!"

Chris Sharma on a route called "Snuff Movies" (8c)

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"It's been great to just go with the flow these days. I haven't been so focused on projects so it's been a nice opportunity sample some classic lines and give some amuerte onsight burns. Yesterday, day after getting lost for an hour and a half we finally found la Siberia sector in st llorenc de munt and my friend @marc.lemenestrel. I had no idea what to try and ended up getting on a nice route called Snuff Movies 8c. Without any expectations it was just so good to flow on the rock and absorb myself in the moves. It was a nice surprise to have it all come together and kind of gets me psyched to try some more onsights!"

Chris Sharma climbing over the sea

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"With spring here and the warm weather on it's way, I can't help but dream about climbing over the sea and another great year of @psicocomp. Here's to a great season everyone!"

Chris Sharma climbing on El Bon Combat 9b

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"Today I climbed the first ascent of El Bon Combat (9b/+) photo by @giancolafoto Two years ago after climbing La Dura Dura It was time to mix it up. Years of single pointed focus on pushing the limits of sport climbing had taken a bit of a toll. It was time to get back to the roots of climbing, travelling, having fun, being spontaneous and opening up to new inspiration. It's interesting though, we always gravitate back to who we are. What's the next step, where do we go from here? Well if we are open to it, life has a way of guiding us along. My friend @marti_boncombat had a project that I'd heard about at Cova de Ocell 40 min from Barcelona and when I checked it out I was drawn back to and reminded of what my life has been about for so long; the lines that grab our imagination and inspire us to take our game up a notch , The King Lines . Something created by Mother Nature as if it were designed to be climbed, perfect shapes, just barely enough to find a path up, something worthy of dedicating yourself to 200%. Since June I've tried this line and it's reawakened my passion for straight up, at your limit, hard climbing. After many Close calls and a ton of effort it finally came together today. So psyched to be back in the flow and very excited for more. Mucho agradecimiento a @marti_boncombat para la visión de equipar ese vía tan perfecta, a @marc.lemenestrel por compartir ratos tan bonitos juntos hablando de la vida al pie de vía, a @giancolafoto por grabar y asegurarme todos los días de ese viaje largó , y por su puesto a mi chica preciosa @alarconjimena por ser un apollo increíble en mi vida te amo! And of course thanks to all the support from everyone who has been following and sending me good vibes and messages!"

Chris Sharma at Cova De Ocell near Barcelona

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"Just released my latest shoe, the Luchador. They've been getting the job done nicely (and hopefully will soon se me through to the first ascent) on this amazing project bolted by @marti_boncombat at Cova De Ocell near Barcelona. Awesome photo by @giancolafoto"

Chris Sharma wall of the amphitheater

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"Amazing shot by @boonespeed on the first ascent of Jumbo Love 5.15b, by far the most rugged Sport Climbing experiences Ive ever had. After a 25 mile 4x4 road, an hour straight up hike/scramble to the top of Clark Mtn (one of the highest and most remote in the Mojave Desert) you get to the immaculate 70 meter amphitheater where it goes out the longest and steepest part of the wall. Cheers @randyleavitt for envisioning and bolting this beast!"

Chris Sharma Valentine's Day

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"Happy Valentine's Day mi amor @alarconjimena Te Amo"

Chris Sharma The Catalan Witness the Fitness

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
photo by @giancolafoto Cova de Ocell aka The Catalan Witness the Fitness. Such good movement!"

Chris Sharma

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"Bit by bit I've been widdling away on this epic line bolted a while back my @marti_boncombat. I've had some breakthroughs over the last few freezing days. It's so satisfying to progress on a line that previously felt out of my league. Time to hone in, focus and bear down. The harder they come, the harder they fall! Thanks for the support @marc.lemenestrel y mi amor @alarconjimena te amo!photo by @giancolafoto"

Chris Sharma Mallorca, my power spot

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"Mallorca, my power spot. I've gone back year after year and every time this place just blows my mind. For me it's as good as it gets. Mixing bouldering, sport, adventure climbing and the sea; Psicobloc is one of the most full value and purest forms of climbing. I can't wait till the water warms up a bit and have some more goes on this project I've been working on and off over the last few years. This is the crux section somewhere around 50 ft up. So good! photo by @brettlowell "

Chris Sharma back home from an epic session at Cova de Ocell

Zu diesem Instagram-Bild schreibt Chris Sharma:
"I just got home from an epic session at Cova de Ocell. Some very aesthetic routes and some very futuristic lines. These cold temps are perfect for the small crimps. I love this place and I love climbing!!!! Nice photo by @giancolafoto via @prana."

Chris Sharma Tommy and I from 1995

It's been so inspiring seeing @tommycaldwell and @kjorgeson realize their quest on the Dawn Wall. I had the opportunity to spend a few days with them on it last year and can personally attest to how overwhelmingly hard and long that route is. Also super psyched from my friends @brettlowell @coreyrichproductions @joshlowell @bigupclimbing for being there to capture and share the magic with the world. This shot of Tommy and I from 1995 or so was from my first real road trip around the western US. We went around ticking off most of the hardest routes in the country at the time. I learned a lot from him about working on projects and how hard you have to work and how patient and dedicated you need to be. Its so great to see those principles come to fruition on such a large scale. Congrats guys!
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