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Foto: Instagram Tina Johnsen Hafsaas

Tina Johnsen Hafsaas: Einarmig hängen

Hier gibt's die fette Packung Trainings-Inspiration, die wir bei Instagram für euch gefunden haben. Zum (vielleicht doch nicht) nachmachen...

Tinas Kommentar: From today's morning session... Now it's time for the second one!

Kim Chang Min: Bogenschützen-Liegestütz

Sean McColl: reverse grip muscle up

Seans Kommentar: Challenge completed!! reverse grip muscle up ... Thanks for the beta Travis Brewer ... I'm building up to that other challenge :-)

Doro Karalus: Training fürs Alpinklettern

Doros Kommentar: This is how you train for alpine climbing, right? :-) Super psyched for new challenges, can't wait to get my ass kicked! Weather looked pretty rainy in the alps this weekend, so we did a spontaneous little multipitch action in the Frankenjura today to practice...

Jeremy Bonder an den Holzkugeln

Jeremys Kommentar: Punching Ball de pieds à Arcose climbing Massy, 63 touches en 30 secondes. Un exercice de gainage plutôt cool !!! Punching ball of foot,63 touchs in 30 seconds. Exercise very nice !!!

Sebastin Alman: Parkour

Sebastians Kommentar: And the parkour park in Stuntwerk was good, it was small, though it was good fun!


Angelas Kommentar: YEAH...I AM SUPERWOMAN :-) need a costume next time :-) to train with the trx favourite is to hang arms and legs in it so you increase training your core tension

Sean McColl: Kreuzhang

Seans Kommentar: This is my personal best at the elusive Iron Cross ... Gymnastics have always fascinated me, I just need a pro to show me the ropes ...

Seung Moojo, Fitnesstrainer: Klimmzug

Shauna Coxsey beim Dehnen

Shaunas Kommentar: Post gym session stretching... It feels good to be back home and getting back into a routine. Even if it's just for a couple of days.

Matt de Stefano: Katze & Kuh

Matts Kommentar: In order to climb at your highest level and pain-free, you must have adequate mobility throughout your body. These exercises target specifically mobility in the thoracic spine. The thoracic spine is the group of spinal segments below your neck and above your low back.
Thoracic spine mobility is important for overall health for three reasons:
* Reduces stress on your neck
* Reduces stress on the your back
* Reduces stress on your shoulder
By performing thoracic mobility exercises, you can reduce the stress on other areas of the body, and decrease your risk for injury.
Cat/Cow poses – 10-20 reps, holding each position for 1-2 sec

Acroyoga Jason Nehmer Planche Hand-to-Hand

Acroyogas Kommentar: Strength is born from the mind. Weakness is also born from the mind. Believing in yourself and others costs nothing. Not believing in yourself and others erodes your dreams. Yes we can!!!

Nina Williams: Training für einarmigen Klimmzug

There's a few fitness goals I'd like to achieve: consistent one-arm pull-ups, consistent ring muscle-ups, a decent front-lever, and a handstand. It's a lot to tackle so I'm starting with the one-arms... A few weeks ago Shauna Coxsey, Melissa le Neve and Petra Klingler showed me a simple exercise to help the process: 1 negative per arm, lasting at least 7 seconds, followed by three fast explosive pull-ups. I repeated this 4 times total. There's a lot of room for improvement (thanks for the powerspot James Lucas) but I'm psyched to see how I progress over the next few months!

Jan Hojer: Handstand

Jans Kommentar: I have no clue why climbers substituted all training videos with acro yoga footage and other things I don't want to see on my timeline.... but since I can't stop this hype I might as well be part of it! That's me working on my handstands during warm up :-)

Sean McColl Muscle Up rolly bar

Seans Kommentar: "One last challenge before I leave for Europe... The hardest part is that the bar spins while you're moving on it!... Enjoy and be careful!
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